"If you're a basic coastal cruiser this app will be a great addition to your Marine navigation tool box." - Mark Messerli, i-marineapps.blogspot.com

Why choose Nobeltec TimeZero Marine Navigation App?

  • General User Interface
  • Tooltip & contextual Menu
  • Layer Button
  • TimeZero App Store to buy charts and modules
  • Managing your charts
  • Following and managing your friends
  • Display of AIS targets on the chart
  • AIS targets and Rader overlay
  • Dedicated Radar full display


Take advantage of the most robust technology and data of the market with 2D/3D chart display engine, patented PhotoFusion* technology and MapMedia Raster mm3d charts.


Navigate instantly to a waypoint with the Go-To tool, choose your chart orientation (Course-Up or North-Up), go back instantly to your vessel (Center On vessel) and switch from 2D to a 3D full view in just one click.


Easily create waypoints and routes, overlay complete tidal information and satellite photos directly on the chart for a perfect understanding of the coast line. Configure your NavData panel to keep on screen the specific instrument readings that are most useful to you.


Plot your position in real-time on the most accurate Raster marine charts thanks to the built-in geolocation features of your iPad (GPS and/or WiFi) and navigate with real-time weather and weather trends.


Thanks to the outstanding TimeZero technology and PhotoFusion* feature, Nobeltec’s marine chart App has a powerful 3D chart engine allowing you to scroll, zoom and rotate the MapMedia Raster charts in no time.

* Only available on selected areas. Make sure to review the High Resolution Satellite Photo coverage for each chart region in our Browse Charts section.

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